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"I don’t understand how you’re thinking"

Sometimes I have a hard time understanding other people’s thought process. Sometimes it is eaiser than other times. But honestly, I don’t think anyone thinks exactly like someone else. And just because I sometimes need a further explanation of something it doesn’t mean that I’m stupid or that the person explaining has any right to get angry with me. I mean, I have  trouble explaining things to to other people as well sometimes. But that is because I understand my own thoughts and it makes total sense to me when I explain it in my own words, but to others that sounds like word puke. I understand that when they say they don’t understand, and sometimes I have to give up since I can’t explain it in any other words. And I think that is how it is for other people as well, their thoughts make sense to them so why shouldn’t it make sense to others?
Although sometimes I get totally lost when someone is explaining something to me and need them to explain it again and again and ask for clarification for some words, and that makes me feel stupid sometimes. But hey, I’m good at some things and there’s where my knowledge lie. So I’m sorry if I don’t understand what you’re saying the minute you say it, that is not how it works..

Sometimes if I’ve asked for an explanation from someone once they seem to think I don’t understand anything they say, ever. That’s sort of annoying, but whatever.  And sometimes I need an explanation because I haven’t properly woken up yet, and people shouldn’t use big words in the morning. Sometimes it can also be because I’m lost in my own thoughts and haven’t heard a word the person is saying. I get lost in my thoughts rather often, especially when the teacher is explaining something I already know or if it is in general a boring subject.


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